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Jaime is a balanced trainer. At evaluation, we will discuss various options for training. He seeks out the best way to train your pup. We run the gamut of training and if we find a method that works, no matter how quirky or different, we stick with it.  We do not offer Cookie Cutter training. Not all dogs are the same, so their training should not be the same.

We welcome a visit from you at our Home/Facility. We want you to ask questions and have an open, honest dialogue about your pups needs and your responsibility as a dog owner.

We offer you years of experience. We've trained and boarded over 100 dogs,raised litters of Belgian Malinois, fostered problem dogs for rescues,worked with government agencies in several forms of Obedience,Tracking, Protection and Apprehension.

My method, is not THE  correct method, but it IS a BALANCED method.  We are diversified, well rounded and experienced trainers. We train the Handler,empower the handler, in a manner that will help the dog as well. EVERY dog is unique. They are sentient beings.,with different personalities and life experiences that make them who they are. Our job is to identify what the dog needs,what you need,how the dog learns and explain and convey that to the Handler-YOU.

We want your dog to enjoy training, it's a game to them. We want them happy and we want to help EDUCATE  and be CONFIDENT in your ability to train and manage your dog to a point that the dog reaches their expectation, their full potential and becomes the dog of your dreams :)

Training is not about the "Dog" it's about the Handler, Owner, or parents.

Training  a dog is not complicated. It may be  difficult and at times easy, depending on breed, age, and drives.


Now, the the dog owners are a challenge to train, to change and work around normal daily life routines with an added K9 companion.  Please call for further information, office 956-230-0724 or Cell 956-454-9216 for pricing.  Thank you.


  • Whenever you take pup out of the crate, make sure you immediately go to the potty area, every single time, even if your pup was crated for only 15 minutes. When you reach the area, set your pup down, or if the dog is on leash, put a little slack in the leash, and say a phrase such as “go potty” or “do your business.”
  • Keep the treats handy (near the door) every single timeyou take the dog out.
  • Treats should be small (about the size of your pinky fingernail), and you will need at least three to five treats for each potty break.

​If you see your pup peeing in the house..

  • ​Interrupt your puppy when you catch them in the act. Make a startling noise (be careful not to scare them) or say "OUTSIDE!" and immediately take them to their bathroom spot. Praise your pup and give a treat if they finish there. Don't punish your puppy for eliminating in the house.

It all sound so simple but it does take dedicated time and discipline. Consistency is key and A LOT of patience.  K9C  is available to help you when you are out of your wits and are ready to scream because you are so tired because you are up half the 

night taking care of a crying,screaming puppy (or older dog) and then you have to be up early to get the kids, the baby and you, ready and go to work.

The best rule of thumb is that if the logical goal is to stop a behavior, the solution should be relatively speedy. If the goal is to teach a behavior such as peeing outdoors or teaching a fearful dog to be more comfortable in stressful surroundings, the solution is going to take longer.

A visit is required before we take you and your pup for training. We do not have cookie cutter training. In some cases, we will have to watch the pup for a couple of days before we can let you know of a price. Every pup is unique and they all learn differently.  If you call,please leave a message. We stAY so busy with the pups :)

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