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K9C will be offering Grooming services. We will be announcing on Facebook, when the service will begin! We are EXCITED!


We will also be start boarding Kitties! Yes, we will be announcing on Facebook when that will start as well! WOOT! WOOT!


As of Saturday, February 24th, we are on class #3,so we are almost done,but before we do,we will be testing ourselves out in public. Handler control is priority NO. 1

Stay tuned for future classes,if you missed these :)


Is there a solution to my dogs unruly behavior?

This is the first step in creating a working relationship between the trainer and the clients. If the client says, “I want the dog to stop getting into the trash” and the trainer recommends eight weeks of obedience training, there is an obvious disconnect. Sometimes the solution is counter–intuitive. A person who wants to stop a dog from barking all day may not realize that getting the dog house–trained might be the first, best solution. Dogs that cannot be left indoors often end up as chronic diggers and chewers from shear boredom.

Some "trainers" are simply telling you what you want to hear so they can take your money,sad right?

How do I know my trainer is a good,reliable trainer?

Some behaviors require great skill and many years’ experience to resolve. A general course of training at a big–box store isn’t going to be of much help to someone with an obsessive, compulsive dog. Likewise, aggression should be handled by people who have a great deal of experience with aggression. Many trainers claim skills and knowledge they don’t have. Someone who works for a franchise is automatically limited to the skill–sets that come from the franchise. A person who teaches classes in the park may not be qualified to handle one–on–one training.

How long will it take?

This is where skill and knowledge really come in to play. The late Dr. Sophia Yin did a “study” of how her Manners Minder treat dispenser could teach dogs to lie quietly when guests came to the door. It took four months. In reality, the process takes about ten minutes and a couple of touch–ups. If a client pays hundreds of dollars for long–term classes and doesn’t see tangible progress within the first week or two, there is usually something wrong. By the same token, long–term house–training issues in a chaotic home may take a couple of months.

The best rule of thumb is that if the logical goal is to stop a behavior, the solution should be relatively speedy. If the goal is to teach a behavior such as peeing outdoors or teaching a fearful dog to be more comfortable in stressful surroundings, the solution is going to take longer.

How Much Work Does It Take?

If asking this question is necessary for you ,then you are not fully committed in helping your pup. You are trying to help yourself.

Find a good home for your pup and get a pet rock.



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